Preschool – Threes, Fours

GYMNASTICS – A gymnastics coach from Inspirational Gymnastics is coming once per week to All For Kids! A favorite with kids of all ages, the recreational gymnastics classes will be offered once per week to children enrolled in All For Kids the preschool summer camp program. Theres is a separate gymnastics enrollment and permission form; if you’d like your child to participate, please ask for the form at the front desk.

MUSIC ‘N MOTION – Summer time is happy time, toe-tappin’ music and rhythm time. This weekly program is designed especially for this age range, with fun activities to expose each class to a wide variety of music genres, rhythms and instruments.

HAPPY FEET – The most innovative, age appropriate & fun introduction to soccer skills.  this class will be offered once a week, if you would like your child to participate please ask for a form at the front desk.

KARATE – This class is structured to teach kids karate techniques in a safe and fun environment. This class will also develop your child’s strength, speed and coordination.

BALLET – The Kinderdance program blends a variety of physical skills with educational concepts. The children will learn creative moments, ballet, and group development  and modern dance.

COOKING – Why teach children cooking skills? It promotes healthy choices and nutrition. It also promotes team work, science and math skills.

SUN & FUN- Each day will be filled with outside time, either playing with toys in the Water Play area, on the new Playland Adventure play structure, or in Games & Sports activities. The All For Kids staff will apply sunscreen only if you have signed the permission form on the back of the enrollment form. We use Rocky Mountain SPF 30, which is PABA free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and waterproof.

“ART-RAGEOUS!” – Get ready for a creative summer full of unusual art projects! Each summer the All For Kids school age art teacher brings the amazing “Art-rageous!” art appreciation program to the Threes and Fours classes. With activities ranging from Matisse cut-outs to Picasso cubism, this program is always a hit.

THE FIRST DAY… of the summer session is Monday, June 25th! Your child’s bag should include a change of clothes, including a sweatshirt, a swimsuit for water play, a towel, and sandals. If you are sending lunch, it must be in an insulated container with an ice pack. During the first week of summer, All For Kids t-shirts will be distributed. Please label the shirt along with all of your child’s belongings! The “Fours” class must wear these t-shirts on field trip days.

Weekly Themes

June 25-June 29:   “Little Scientist”
What can we discover and observe during this exciting week? Let’s bug –  out and see what we can catch in our nets. We will take a nature walks and make bug boards.

July 2-July 6:           “Over the Rainbow”
Let’s celebrate July 4th with lots of different colors! Join us and learn about rainbows and prisms, the color spectrum and blending light. We will also tye dye t-shirts, mix and blend colors.

July 9 -July 13:         “Weather Watcher”                                                                                                                                                                                                         Grab your umbrella and galoshes! This week we will learn about condensation, precipitation and evaporation. In short we will become weather watchers.

July 16-July 20:      ”Fun with Water”
Why are ice cubes cold? Where does rain come from? Get ready for a wet week of water experiments! as we explore water and why it’s so important.

July 23- July 27:     ” Roots & Shoots”                                                                                                         Do flowers have emotions? Do animals really smile at us? This week we will find out. We will also build a green house and watch our plats blossom.

July 30-August 3:       “Hocus Pocus”
Ta – Da!! it’s time to learn about magic and how it works. We will learn new card tricks and maybe some disappearing acts. o don’t forget your cape and top hat this week.

August 6- August 10:       “That Stinks”
That’s Gross!!! Yup, that’s what we are all about this week. We will learn about things that are smelly, stinky, slimy and just plain gross.

August  13- August 17:   “Dino Digity”
Prehistoric winds have brought the dinosaurs to AFK. Be a junior paleontologist and discover dinosaur eggs, fossils and even eat what a Stegosaurus ate.

August 20- August 24:   “Spirit Week”
Let’s celebrate the summer with Crazy Hat Day, Happy Birthday Day, Halloween and other special days. Sis Boom Bah- it’s been a great summer, come and have some fun.