Infants, Toddlers, Twos

Summer Themes Infants – Two’s at  ”All For Kids”

June 25                                                        ”Stars & Stripes”

Red, White & Blue all around! Let’s have fun celebrating America’s birthday with “Fireworks” confetti art, Uncle Sam hats, and a carnival hosted by the school age children.

July 2                                                           “Silly Songs, Bands & Parades”

It’s time to sing silly songs and make silly sounds. Along with our singing skills we will play music on our pots and pans and have a colorful parade.

July 9                                                             “A Symphony of 5 Senses”

Using our scenes we will discover the world around us. some of our activities will include seeing red, making mud pies and taking buggie rides.

July 16                                                             “Playful Picasso”

There is a little Picasso in all of us. Time to finger paint, feet paint, texture art and create a dough sculpture.

July 23                                                             “Splish Splash Splatter”

Wow- is a sensory extravaganza! Time for some wacky water play. a gazillion bubbles, sand fun and things that go splat.

July 30                                                             “Kiddie Olympics”

As the summer Olympics get underway so do our kiddie Olympics. We will jump, run, bean bag toss and many more exciting games. And of course everyone is a winner.

August 6                                                           “Puppet Play”

What is more fun than having a puppet with a story to tell? Making one of course! each day we will make a puppet that will sing and tell stories.

August 13                                                         “Mother Goose Land”

Let’s time travel to Mother Goose Land, where we will fix Humpty Dumpty, help BoPeep find her sheep and watch a cow jump over the moon.

August 20                                                             “Spirit Week”

Summer may be ending but there still plenty to celebrate! Each day there will be a different party going on. And lots of fun to be had.


WATER PLAY – Summertime means lot’s of splashin” fun in the All For Kids mini – water park!

A favorite with the Toddlers & Two’s, this portion of our playground is covered with soft indoor / outdoor flooring. Water tables, buckets for pouring, water toys and plenty of opportunity to get wet and have fun!

MUSIC- “N – MOTION  -  Get ready for a summer of music & Rhythm. The Music N Motion program is designed for the toddlers – Two’s it includes weekly fun and interactive lessons designed to expose children to a wide variety of music.

HAPPY FEET – This is an age appropriate FUN introduction to SOCCER skills. And a fun way to keep the children active and fit. For children 2years and up

GYMNASTICS – All For Kids offers a terrific gymnastics program for children 2years and up. Mr. Keith promotes health, fitness and strength, he works with the children to improve on skills such as marching, running, jumping galloping and skipping.