All For Kids is one of a network of child care centers operated and owned by Nan Lee Howkins in southwestern Connecticut. It offers exciting, innovative programs for children on a caring and attractive environment that is designed to optimize each child’s emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. The classrooms are filled with books and learning materials that engage children naturally, and the teachers are versed in the developmental needs and stages of each age range. Using the concept that education and fun go hand -in-hand, each team of teachers works with the Program Director to develop a curriculum that is designed to build each child’s self-esteem and love of learning.  Because the teachers are directly involved in the creative process of choosing the curriculum and selecting activities, they are naturally excited about implementing the lesson plans they have helped create.

Like all of Nan Howkins’ child care centers, the All For Kids operating policies are founded on her innovative and nationally acclaimed Flex Time scheduling principle, which is based on the idea that every family has different needs and a different schedule, and should not be required to reserve hours that they will not use.  The motto “Where Children Come First!” is at the core of the All For Kids philosophy of caring for children.  This motto is emphasized and discussed in teacher orientation and training, and it appears as a reminder on materials such as business cards and folders- even on the All For Kids busses.  It is a simple but surprisingly powerful statement.  Putting the needs of children first – even before the needs of parents and directors or administrators – means that each teacher treats each child with respect, care and love.  For more info about programs for specific age ranges, please click on the drop down menu along the top navigation bar or send us an email at director@allforkidsridgefield.com or call us at 203 438-0766

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