Web Cameras

Security is one of the hallmarks of All For Kids. In addition to safety features such as a secure door code system and an internal camera that enables directors to monitor and assist teachers, All For Kids offers advanced technology that enables parents to view children via streaming video on a secure internet site.

The “Watch Me Grow” system allows parents, grandparents, or other family members to follow a child’s day by signing in at watchmegrow.com, and either watching live video or reviewing digitally recorded video from earlier in the day. Families love this capability! Imagine the peace of mind you can have by occasionally checking on your child, or the sense of connectedness your child will feel if you are able to say, “I saw you dancing with a tambourine in music class today!”

The teachers at All For Kids are proud of their curriculum and activities, and love it when they know parents can see and appreciate the quality of their program.

All For Kids and the other child care centers owned and operated by Nan Howkins were the first in the Greater Danbury area to offer this system, and many parents now say they can’t imagine going to a center that didn’t have it. The best thing about it? It’s free! Because we are eager to share the quality of our programs, All For Kids pays the monthly fee for parents who want to sign up!